50 Cent Ends His Bankruptcy After $22 Million Paym...

50 Cent Ends His Bankruptcy After $22 Million Payment

A judge threw out the five year plan for Fifty to pack his debts

With $22 Million worth of debt paid back, Judge Ann Nevins discharged 50 Cent from his bankruptcy. The same Judge ordered him to pay back $23 Million of his $36 Million debts last July. Fif had been given a plan to pay it back over the course of five years but managed to pay it off in a little over six months.

His initial bankruptcy claim stated that his $36 Million debt far outweighed his $20 Million in assets. Billboard reported that the rapper managed to pay off his debts by paying $8.7 million out of pocket. The remaining $13.6 million coming from a legal malpractice suit he recently settled.

Fifty will be happy to have the case settled and not interfere with the paycheck he’s pulling off the Soulja Boy V Chris Brown fight. Money troubles or not, it hasn’t stopped him rinsing out his Effen Vodka endorsements.




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