JME Set To Play Himself In A Film About A Vegan Ut...

JME Set To Play Himself In A Film About A Vegan Utopia

‘Carnage: Swallowing The Past’ is a satire about a future without meat

Long time Nevermind The Buzzcocks host Simon Amstell’s first film Carnage: Swallowing the Past has announced its cast list. According to Chortle, the list includes names like Martin Freeman and Joanna Lumley but JME is probably the most interesting addition.

The film is set in 2067, a future where everyone is vegan and horrified by humanity ever having eaten meat. JME is a dedicated vegan as is Simon Amstell.

Victoria Jaye, who commissioned the film for BBC iPlayer said ‘In a culture obsessed by what’s on our plates, Carnage imaginatively challenges our attitude towards eating meat, fish and cheese triangles. Prepare to never look at your dinner the same way again.’ The film is set to release on the player this spring but as of yet a solid date hasn’t been said.

Check out JME on Twitter for updates or just because his twitter is hilarious.



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