Logic Shows Of $10K Pool Cue, Million Dollar Check...

Logic Shows Of $10K Pool Cue, Million Dollar Check In Tour Of His House

Logic shows off studio and ‘Game House’ in new video

Prepare to get jealous as Logic takes you on a tour around his house without even entering his actual house. The rapper uploaded a video showing off the guest house to his home which he’s converted for gaming. The place is every teenage boy’s dream but games aren’t the only highlight.

The video also takes a tour of Logic’s studio where he talks through all of his recording equipment. Some pieces that people would kill for which he admits he never uses. Still you can’t help but be happy for the dude as he seems amazed by how lucky he is to have everything he has.

He briefly touches on his upcoming album in the video too. AfricAryaN is due out this year and plans to focus heavily on race and humanity coming out of Africa.



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