Flying Lotus Film Causes Huge Walkouts At Sundance

Flying Lotus Film Causes Huge Walkouts At Sundance

Kuso was too much for audiences but that’s kind of the point

The first feature film by Flying Lotus premiered at Sundance yesterday with mixed reactions at best. The trailer released on January 18th and made it clear what kind of film this would be. Disgusting, Pythonesque and just generally nuts, Flylo had clearly set out to make something divisive.

Reviews of the film give a pretty good indication of why there were so many walk outs. Scenes like a man nailing a talking boil and a doctor, played by George Clinton, keeping a cockroach in his anus for medicinal purposes make it clear that the film didn’t bother limiting itself. Critics have compared it to Eraserhead and Un Chien Andalou, both films that saw similar reactions early on but gained cult status and critical acclaim.

The Verge referred to it as the “grossest film ever made.” With a cast like Tim Heidecker and Hannibal Buress as well as Flying Lotus, Aphex Twin and Thundercat all featuring on the soundtrack, it’s one to look out for. Even if it’s just morbid curiosity.