Your Best Chance At Owning Original Work By Guy De...

Your Best Chance At Owning Original Work By Guy Denning Has Come Along

Neo Modernist founder’s work for the cheapest it will ever be

It’s not often that a collection of art from someone like Denning comes on the market. It’s even rarer at these kinds of prices. The Founder of the Neo Modernist movement has seen consistent interest in his work as long has he’s been around and for good reason. It’s a clash of artistic styles under the banner of the Neo Modern love of minimalism.

The reason for the collection being available is an unfortunately sad one. It belongs to Denning’s daughter. ‘Unfortunately, due to personal circumstances, I am having to sell some of my Guy Denning originals.’ She states in her post on Urban Art Association’s website.

While the situation is a sad one, the positive is the opportunity for fans of Denning to get a piece of the hugely coveted work he has made.

Check out her Urban Art Association post while there are still pieces available.



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