Chrisette Michele Explains Her Inauguration Perfor...

Chrisette Michele Explains Her Inauguration Performance To The Breakfast Club

“I needed them to see us.”

After the controversy of being the only prominent black musician (Azealia Banks aside) to agree to perform at Trump’s inauguration. Despite the entire community of black american artists jumping on her for it, Michele went ahead with the performance.

She explained performing at the Inauguration as her using the platform to being attention to a community she felt hadn’t been spoken too. Michele knew she would take heat over the performance. She insists that she didn’t do the performance to support Trump or to get a paycheck, instead it was to bring a voice to her community.

‘I needed them to see what we have to say, what we look like, how we talk. With the entire campaign experience I think many of us were wondering, ‘Who is he talking to?’

Charlamagne didn’t go easy on her, saying it was pointless to take the job as a way to speak for her community when Trump wasn’t even at the event she sung at. He also named her collaborator Travis Greene who performed at the Inauguration too.



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