Bliss N Eso Pay Respects To Actor Killed On Set Of...

Bliss N Eso Pay Respects To Actor Killed On Set Of Their Music Video

The group have released a statement about the death

One of Australia’s leading hip hop groups expressed their sympathies for an actor killed on the set of a music video. Johann Ofner reportedly died while filming a scene for the video of the track ‘Friends Like You’. The scene featured guns and a poker game and was filmed in a bar in Brisbane.

The management team for the group released a statement of what happened to clear up misconceptions about the accident. They stated Ofner was not hit with a live round suggesting an issue with the blanks which were used. The story sounds similar to the death of Brandon Lee who was struck in the chest while filming a scene in the film The Crow.

‘We are devastated about the tragic passing of Johann Ofner. Out of respect to Johann’s family, friends and the on-going investigation we don’t feel it is appropriate for us to make further comment at this time.’ The band said about the accident.

They continued on to give their condolences to everyone affected by the accident.



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