Watch The Music Video That Got A Teacher Suspended...

Watch The Music Video That Got A Teacher Suspended For Letting It Happen

Benjamin Isaacs let his son shoot the video for ‘No Fucks’ in his classroom

Not a lot of parents would be cool with letting you shoot a music video where they work. Especially one for a song that opens up with the lines; “When it’s all said and done, she still wanna come to my place / Even though a nigga only really wanna cum in your face.”

Benjamin Isaacs helped his son, OP4, by letting him shoot the video but its content caused controversy with the Richmond County School System. It’s not hard to see why. It’s all standard hip hop video stuff but you don’t typically get that in a high school.

While he’s been put on administrative leave with the possibility of being fired, Mr. Isaacs defends his son’s video. In an interview with Noisey he said that having kids in this video was as inappropriate as having them in The Godfather or The Sopranos.

The track is dope so any attention the controversy brings could kick off OP4’s career. If it does, he better take care of his dad after this.



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