Watch How A Young Thug Music Video Fell Apart

Watch How A Young Thug Music Video Fell Apart

Every filmmaker has their horror stories, Ryan Staake brings us inside his

Making a video for a hip hop artist, especially one who’s popping off, is a dream job for a lot of people. For Ryan Staake it’s pretty normal, he’s worked with everyone from Alt-J to Schoolboy Q. With his track records, any fuck ups are unlikely to be on his part.

On his shoot for Young Thug’s Wyclef Jean¬†problems began right at the start. The artist not showing up is a surprisingly common problem on videos. Usually though, that artist isn’t supposed to be co-directing.

Young Thug uploaded Staake’s video on his youtube. That’s probably his label looking to make back the $100,000 they dropped on the video. It’s a cautionary tale but it’s still kind of a success story.