T.I Breaks Down Trump’s Strategy To Make Bla...

T.I Breaks Down Trump’s Strategy To Make Black Americans ‘Fall In Line’

The Rapper and Activist explained Trump’s plan to silence African American criticism

T.I has never been one to shy away from calling out political ignorance from rappers and entertainers. A few weeks back he went off on Lil Wayne for his ignorance about Black Lives Matter.

In three videos posted to instagram today he broke down Trump’s meetings with black entertainers. He says they were carefully orchestrated to get different demographics in the Black community to accept his presidency.

Donald Trump’s meeting with Kanye West is inarguably the right move for someone looking to become more palatable to hip hop fans. He also said that the President-Elect’s meeting with Steve Harvey was a transparent attempt to appeal to black women.

After a poorly thought out attack on Civil Rights legend Rep. John Lewis, Trump met with Martin Luther King Jr’s son. This brought most of T.I’s criticism. The meeting seemed like a way to quash the outrage over calling a man who had his skull fractured during a civil rights protest ‘all talk’. The move is one that T.I. feels was a deliberate attempt to Divide and Conquer.

It’s hard to argue with his logic. You can be sure that these discussions happened in the Trump camp. Not phrased as ‘divide and conquer’ of course, more encoded in terms of ‘reaching the black community’. The outcome is the same either way.

Whether T.I’s outrage will be heard or not remains to be seen. He’s put into words something people have been feeling for a while.



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