DMX Releases First Comeback Track With Swizz Beatz

DMX Releases First Comeback Track With Swizz Beatz

The first DMX track in a while is unfortunately not a great one

DMX has spent a long time being relegated to the history of hip hop. He’s made more headlines for his personal life than his music in the last decade. His last couple of albums were far removed from the days of It’s Dark And Hot As Hell. Fans can be forgiven for not paying much attention to the idea of a comback.

There’s been sporadic information over the last two years that fellow Ruff Ryder Swizz Beatz was producing his comeback album. It’s only really got the attention of diehard fans but the track Bain Iz Back dropping today made it worth looking at.

You’d go in hoping for see DMX updating his sound, taking cues from the artists who’ve come up since his heyday. At the very least a strong throwback album to the sound of hip hop around the millennium. Honestly, it’s neither. His sound hasn’t developed much which would be fine but he’s not doing much with a toolset he should know well.

The track sounds closer to a DMX imitator than the man himself. The real problem is it’s missing the energy. There’s equal shares of the blame on on DMX and his producer. For a comeback track it sounds more mid-album filler.