That Daft Punk Announcement Video You’ve See...

That Daft Punk Announcement Video You’ve Seen Is Fake

The Video Seems Like Daft Punk Are About To Reveal Something But It Doesn’t Add Up

Daft Punk fans have been waiting for any news about the duo since Random Access Memories in 2013. Their work on tracks like The Weeknd’s Starboy have been pretty successful but an album is what everyone really wants.

A video uploaded to a random youtube account (red flag number one) seemed to cryptically suggest that something was coming.

The video is titled ‘Alive 2017’. Seemingly  a follow up or anniversary addition of the album Alive 2007. This wouldn’t be much of a stretch but a lot of details don’t add up.

Tour Rumours

The Alive2017 website that mysteriously showed up last year with an accompanying date of October 7th, 2016 was the first thing to spark rumours. That was quickly debunked when searches of the sites metadata showed that it had no links to the Daft Punk site.

One of the most cryptic pieces of information was the code in the video description that was translated by redditors to correspond to cities around the world. This would be compelling evidence but it’s just a list of the tour locations from their last tour. It’s a pretty halfhearted effort. The code thing is far too on the nose for one thing.

With Alive 2007 being the last Daft Punk tour, a ten year anniversary is a big deal. Definitely one that requires more than a video reusing the same graphics used for the album ten years ago.

If there was a tour or an album or even a rerelease, you can be sure it would be put together better than this. The Alive2017 website is currently down. Whether that’s because of traffic or not it’s hard to say. Can you really imagine the site going down if it was legitimate.

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