While You’re Out Here Making Excuses, This G...

While You’re Out Here Making Excuses, This Guy Skateboards Blind

Dan Mancina Hasn’t Let Losing His Sight Stop Him Doing What He Loves

Dan Mancina started losing his sight to a genetic disease at thirteen. In the last five years he’s felt the effects hard by going completely blind in one eye and losing most vision in the other. Despite that he hasn’t let it affect how he lives his life.

A skater before he went blind, he’s still doing it now with no signs of stopping. He carries a cane with him and runs it in front of him switching from registering an obstacle to Ollieing it in a second.

He sat down with Nic from Jenkem Magazine to talk about being a blind skateboarder, a blind dude and just a dude. Catch the interview over on Jenkem’s website.



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