Soulja Boy Recruits Floyd Mayweather As Trainer For Chris Brown Fight

Having apologized to Chris Brown after finding out his mother was sick, Soulja Boy has opened it up again. He’s sticking to the tested Soulja Boy method of trying to squash a beef and doubling down on it. This time he’s accepted Chris Brown’s charity boxing match offer but with an important twist.

Soulja claims he’s got Floyd Mayweather on board to help train him for the fight. Whether training from the World Champion will help, who knows. Breezy’s made a career off his moves as much as his music. Soulja on the other hand had one successful dance and has spent the last few years smoking up and drinking lean.

Watch Soulja spend the next few weeks delaying the fight date as Mayweather makes him realize how unfit he is. Soulja’s made a name for not delivering on his beefs but then again he’s never agreed to something like this. There’s $1,000,000 on the table for the winner.

Either way nobody’s winning this fight. Seeing Chris Brown get his ass kicked would be an embarrassment. If Chris wins, expect a month of Rihanna’s face being photoshopped onto Soulja.