This Week In The Life Of Soulja Boy

This Week In The Life Of Soulja Boy

This Week In The Life Of Soulja Boy

It’s been a big week for Soulja Boy. Hot off a year full of beef with everyone who played into it, Soulja’s started off 2017 will a bang. His VladTV interview last week started the Soulja Boy Challenge. His ongoing beef with Chris Brown is becoming more ridiculous with every video.

Here’s a quick rundown of what’s been going on with Soulja Boy recently.

VladTV and the Soulja Boy Challenge

In an interview with DJ Vlad, Soulja Boy recounted a story of a shooting at his house a few years ago. He opened the topic with a pretty clear indicator he was chatting shit. He asked Vlad what he’d heard about the story before spinning him about AKs and some Wanted-level gun fighting.

It’s like the adult version of that kid in school who talked up his fights every weekend. Check it out and see if you think he’s telling the truth or not.

Despite trying to remain hazy on any details that he might have to back up later, the guys mentioned in the video went to Vlad to refute his version of events.

It’s hard to tell how much of either side’s story is true but it’s clear Soulja isn’t being honest.

The internet went wild with everyone from Yachty to Mike Epps making up their own version of Soulja’s story under the hashtag SouljaBoyChallenge. Soulja even took a crack at the trend himself. It had his cameraman cracking up but nobody else.

This would be enough even by Soulja’s standards but apparently it wasn’t enough for him. Maybe Yachty’s stopped replying to his texts but he’s set his sights on Chris Brown now.

Soulja Vs Chris Brown

According to Soulja Boy, this started with a phone call from Chris Brown after he liked a picture of Brown’s ex-girlfriend Karrueche on Instagram.

It’s basically season two of Soulja Vs Lil Yachty. Like India Love, Karrueche Tran has no interest in being involved in the beef.

It’s a weird day when Chris Brown comes out looking like the good guy. After Soulja threatened to kick his ass, Chris came back to arrange a charity boxing match. Apparently that’s not gangsta enough for Soulja who avoided that end and kept up the threats.

As he’s done with every beef, Soulja tried to pull back by calling Chris who refused to squash the beef. Soulja doubled down and has kept it going ever since.

Soulja Gets Jumped, Deletes Account

After a video calling out Soulja for claiming hoods he never goes too, he decided to head down and confront the guys from the video. He very nearly got his ask kicked but managed to quiet things of camera.

He then released a video hanging out with seemingly the same guys who tried to run up on him. To his credit he didn’t back down from the guys but really that’s a dumb move all things considered.

He ended up deleting his account pretty soon after sending another video at Chris Brown so where this’ll go next, who knows.

Maybe the Fruit Street Piru’s got sick of him claiming their set and clipped him. Only time will tell. If that happens I’m deleting this section.




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