5 Grime Albums You Need To Pick Up In 2017

We’re seeing a lot of releases come out of Grime right now. Some of the biggest names around dropped albums in the last year. This year is set to follow suit with some big Grime albums on the horizon. We don’t have confirmed dates on some of these but you can count on them to likely be out in the first half of 2017.

Wiley – Godfather

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Photo Credit – Wiley

A Wiley album is always gonna get attention but Godfather is a special one among Grime albums. Featuring long time sparring partner Devlin on the single ‘Holy Grime’ a few weeks ago was a big indicator of what the album is about. The opposing forces of the Grime scene are coming together under Wiley. Fingers crossed we’ll see more features like Devlin’s one. The album’s out on January 13th so you won’t have to wait long for this one.

Devlin – The Devil Inn

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Photo Credit – rapstop.com

It’s been a good four years since a Devlin album. We’ve seen him around on other tracks but when the single ‘Cold Blooded’ came out last month it reminded us why we need a Devlin album. The album is set to release on February 10th so you can pick it up soon or preorder it here.

Stormzy – Untitled

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Photo Credit – mobo.com

We’ve been waiting to hear this album for a while. Especially since Stormzy teased a summer 2016 release to Tim Westwood but it hasn’t popped up. He said he was about 85% done back in may so it shouldn’t take too much longer. There aren’t many artists even outside the Grime scene who can command the attention Stormzy has before their first album releases.

Expect a release soon while Stormzy still has a place at the top of the foodchain.

Lethal Bizzle – Lennox Rd

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Photo Credit – manchestereveningnews

It’s been seven years since a Lethal release, not counting the Best Of album. Grime’s seen some changes since we last got a full Lethal Bizzle release. ‘Box’ came out last year and proved he’s still got it. Lethal’s willing to take the piss in his songs and still keep them as decent tracks so an album from him is long overdue. Wiley and Devlin are bringing the scene together. Guys like Lethal are why getting the scene together is important.

Yungen – Untitled

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Photo Credit – pausemag.co.uk

Yungen’s made a name for himself off a couple of decent projects but he’s kept himself in the spotlight through his beef with Chip. Project Black & Red got him a record deal with Sony so it’ll be interesting to see how he handles a release with a label behind him.

These are five of the most promising upcoming Grime albums. What did we miss? Comment and let us know.