The 6 Best Grime Radio Sets Of All Time

The 6 Best Grime Radio Sets Of All Time

The 6 Best Grime Radio Sets Of All Time

Grime really got its start in pirate radio. Grime radio stations like Rinse and Deja Vu were a platform for MCs with too much creativity and nowhere to get it seen. From the early days of Grime there’s huge competition for the best grime radio sets.

Kano, Ghetts & Skepta – Logan Sama Set

You can hear Skepta get pissed off through this set as he struggles to keep up with Ghetts and Kano. Those two had worked together enough to play off each other well. Skepta’s not easy to shake but they traded back and forth enough that he couldn’t keep up and quit at the end. Even if it wasn’t a great set it’d be worth it just to see Skeppy crack up.

Dizzee & DJ Slimzee – Rinse FM

Dizzee and Slimzee’s Rinse FM set was an early look at what made him the mainstream face of Grime. The dirty production is some of the best of early 2000s Grime and ties together well with Dizzee on top.

The instrumentals need a mention too. Whether it was Dizzee needing a break or just letting them run, they split up the set well.

Logan Sama Ft. Skepta, Ghetto, JME, Wiley, Badness & Youf – Kiss 100

Six of the biggest grime heads around in 2007 jammed into less than 40 minutes. Rarely do you see so many people go in on each other on the same set. It’s one of the best grime radio sets mainly because it’s so hard to decide who took it home.

Rolldeep B2B Nasty Crew for Deja Vu FM

Mac 10 and Karnage curated N.A.S.T.Y and Roll Deep as they clashed for an hour. N.A.S.T.Y Crew had more numbers but with Wiley and a young Tinchy Stryder there for Roll Deep there wasn’t much to separate the skill levels.

Fuck Radio Vol. 5

Ghett’s birthday set brought a long list of MCs with it. Lil Nasty, Griminal, Devlin, Brutal, Chip, Dot Rotten, Big Seac, P Money, Little Dee and Lightning all take a part of the hour long set with DJ Unique.

Managing that many MCs is a hard job but Unique pulls it off and each one of them hits a beat that works for them. Lookout for Griminal and Chip going in on each other at the end.

Rinse.FM Xmas Day – Wiley And DJ Karnage

This set from 2004 is proper Grime history. Wiley goes after everyone but gives most attention to Bashy. It was a great Christmas present to the fans but not the MCs he goes in on.

These are 6 of the best grime radio sets of all time. What did we miss? Comment and let us know.



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