4 Rap Lyrics That Got Their Writers Locked Up

4 Rap Lyrics That Got Their Writers Locked Up

4 Rap Lyrics That Got Their Writers Locked Up

 Given how little the rap game thinks of snitching, it’s weird how often rappers point the finger at themselves on tracks. Hip hop has a long history of artists incriminating themselves on tracks. MF Doom said it best but some people just don’t listen. Here are four artists whose rap lyrics got them sent down.

Twain Gotti – Ride Out

Twain was still in the Windows Movie Maker level of hip hop when he made Ride Out. The track made sure he didn’t get any further when it implicated him in two murders. The murders had gone unsolved for more than half a decade until the track came out.

Gotti mentioned specific information about the murders on the track that made it clear to police that he knew more than someone who wasn’t involved. He was brought in for the double homicide of Brian Dean and Christopher Horton and ended up being convicted of gun charges related to the murders.

Boosie Badazz – 187

Unlike other names on this list, Boosie didn’t directly mention any crimes on a track. His first degree murder trial, which found him not guilty, caused controversy when a judge ruled that terms like ‘murk’ and ‘cake’ would be used as evidence. The use of the lyrics seemed like a last ditch effort to make a case when it looked like Boosie would walk. The fact that it didn’t work is good but it even being an option set a dangerous precedent that people like Killer Mike have spoken out about since.

X-Raided – Still Shooting

The controversy around X-Raided’s album ‘Psycho Active’ would be an obvious publicity stunt if the rapper didn’t go down because of it. The album was recorded in the early nineties and released in ‘92. The lyrics on the track Still Shooting seemed to closely match a murder that occurred in the same year.

Patricia Harris was killed when her house was raided by the rapper and other members of his gang. They had been looking for her sons, members of another gang that they’d been warring with. The murder was quickly linked to X-Raided and four others and his lyrics were used to illustrate his involvement.

Lyrics weren’t the only thing. A gun featured on the album cover was rumored to be the one used in the shooting. Initially this was a rumour pushed by X-Raided and the Black Market Records label. Once the charges came up, they refuted the rumour but since then X-Raided has admitted to being present for the shooting but denies being the shooter.

Tommy Canaday – I’m Out Here

Tommy Canaday’s music hadn’t made it off soundcloud before his career fell apart. His track I’m Out Here didn’t just touch on murde. Canaday spelled out the events by naming his victim and describing how and why he killed him.

Canady’s conviction was hardly surprising given the content but rap lyrics from a soundcloud rapper this small being picked up shows how attention police pay to music to find information like this.

Here are four times rap lyrics got the artists behind them sent down. Who did we miss? Comment and let us know.



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