7 Great Films To Find Inspiration For Streetwear L...

7 Great Films To Find Inspiration For Streetwear Looks

7 Great Films To Find Inspiration For Streetwear Looks

If you’re looking for inspiration for streetwear fits having someone do the work for you is dope. Someone in charge of wardrobe on a film is even better. Here are 7 films full of inspiration for streetwear looks.


Dope’s outfits run the gamut from early nineties Flat tops, to current streetwear to high fashion pretty much scene by scene. None of its styles are revolutionizing anything but they’re a good representation of some of the best styles around.

Stand Out Pieces:A$AP Rocky looking like he showed up in his own clothes.

Place Beyond The Pines

If you fuck with white trash chic then you’ll find a lot in this film. It follows a motorbike stunt rider/ novice bank robber and a cop as well as both men’s sons. There’s some pretty broad differences in style between the two leading men but Bradley Cooper’s windbreakers and bombers will give some inspiration if you’re not taken by Ryan Gosling’s distressed and dirty leather, band tees and prison tattoos.

Stand out Pieces: Gosling’s red leather jacket and his Metallica tee with combats fit.


Beating Gosha Rubchinskiy to the punch by like 20 years, Trainspotting’s cast tend to wear similar styles but almost every fit is worth looking at. The clothing is a big part of how the film manages to keep you interested in the lives of Scottish drug addicts. The cast could look gross but the dirty look is more interesting than anything else here.

Stand Out Pieces: Pretty much anything Sick Boy wears.

This Is England

Ben Sherman’s, bombers and boots were typical fare for British Skinheads in the seventies and eighties. Few looks have been as disarmed over time as this one. Any shred of Fascist attire has been turned into a part of the Streetwear Manual. There’s more than just Skinhead pieces though, if you’re looking for some New Romantic inspiration you’ll get it here.

Stand Out Pieces: Some great shirt and suspenders combos


Sadboi chic in everything from wardrobe to tone to soundtrack, Her isn’t immediately clear as an inspiration for streetwear looks. The film’s a hipster fantasy in line with Wes Anderson but Anderson at least has some pieces that would look decent with a BBC Ice Cream or OF fit.

You shouldn’t write it off though. Some pieces are very fuckwithable. The great thing about Her is that there’s as much unisex inspiration between the cast that you can take inspiration from pretty much anyone.

Stand Out Pieces: The Double Shirts, Joaquin’s Red Duffel Coat

Blade Runner

This one isn’t a must watch to find inspiration for fits, more to see where a lot of streetwear looks came from. Neon soaked visuals and soundtrack aside, the 1982 interpretation of 2019 obviously had to take some licence with styles in clothing and the advancement of technology. At the end of 2016 we can probably judge that fashion won’t look exactly like Blade Runner in 2019. But there are a few pieces that Blade Runner called early on, self fulfilling prophecy that it may be.

Stand Out Pieces: All the see through and chokers, Deckard’s Fucking Ugly Shirt.


Harmony Korine wrote Kids around the same time he was hanging out at Supreme’s flagship store in NYC. The film is pretty on the pulse of what the kids who he hung with were doing at the time. Considering how much Supreme has impacted streetwear, a film that comes off like a view back to that time is rife to pick apart.

Stand Out Pieces: Anything really, the whole film feels like a lookbook.

These are our picks for films to take inspiration for streetwear looks. What films did we miss? Let us know in the comments.



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