The Best Grime Tracks Dissing Other MCs – Pa...

The Best Grime Tracks Dissing Other MCs – Part 2

The Best Grime Tracks Dissing Other MCs – Part 2

We covered some of the best disses in grime in Part One of this list but there were too many to do it justice. Here’s our follow up with some of the best grime tracks we didn’t get into the first list. Fair warning, there’s a lot of Chipmunk mentions. 

Wiley – Nightbus Dubplate

Target – The Movement

By the time Wiley sent for Ghetts’ group The Movement, there was already a lot of tension. The Movement had been taking shots at him for a while with Wiley barely responding. A big part of what sold The Movement was that they had no respect for elders so they’d test anyone. Testing Wiley didn’t work out in the end when he dropped this track and pretty much ended the beef in one go. The tensions stuck around but nobody really contested it on tracks anymore. Wiley and Devlin’s track last month showed that they’ve squashed it now. Luckily the track is decent so we’re not losing much by the beef ending.

Yungen – Oopsy Daisy Riddim

Target – Chip

Chip and Yungen’s beef began with Yungen picking up one of Chip’s lyrics as a diss. ‘Some of your Best Newcomers ain’t so new, so if you nominate Yungen, big up, but nominate Sneakbo too.’ Looking at the lines, there’s obviously no diss there but Yungen still felt he needed to clap back. He took a low key shot at Chip on Comfy and as things do, it spiralled.

Punk was a sick diss but it wasn’t Yungen’s best shot. Oopsy Daisy Riddim went for Chip much harder and has another advantage over Punk. Punk was played like an immediate response uploaded within an hour of Chip’s One Take video. The internet immediately jumped on it to prove that the video had to be prerecorded. The director was spotted abroad on Instagram being the main evidence. A prerecorded shot isn’t a death sentence but when you act like it’s not, people pick up on it.

Durrty Goodz ft. Crazy Titch – Wiley Shut Up

Target – Wiley

Durrty Goodz and Wiley is another beef that claims to have started with a misunderstanding. Durrty’s Battle Hype impression of Wiley didn’t go down well with him. Durrty said the impression was meant as a tribute but Wiley kicked off over it. There were a few back and forths but Wiley Shut Up shows why it’s generally agreed that Durrty Goodz won the beef.

Chip – Coward

Target – Tinie Tempah

If Chip wasn’t around you could cut the amount of Grime beef in half. He’s been the source or the cause of some of the best grime tracks dissing artists around. Sending shots isn’t abnormal in Grime but Chip responds to every mention of his name. Coward went after his fellow grime/pop star Tinie Tempah. Honestly this is the only worthwhile track in a pretty boring beef. Tinie checked Chip on Fire In The Booth and Chip didn’t respond until a year later.

The beef comes off as another case of Chip jumping on any mention but the bright side is it lead to this track.

Trim  – The Lowdown

Target – Stormin, Cel 22, Sniper E, Major Ace

Trim and the MCs he sends for on this track aren’t the biggest names in mainstream Grime but the sends are more real than anyone else’s. The beef plays out as much outside the music as inside with stories coming out about Stormin pulling a gun on Trim. What makes it one of the best grime tracks in this area is that it’s made for the people he checks in it more than for the audience.

Lowkey – The Warning

Target – Chip

We considered leaving this one off the list just because so many of them are about Chip. The Warning isn’t one of the best grime tracks to send for Chip but it was the first so it earns a place for setting a trend at least.

P Money – War Dub

Target – Ghetts

We covered Ghetts’ best track from his beef with P Money in part one of this list. We couldn’t ignore this track though. Destruction of the Eiffel Tower was a good effort from Ghetts but War Dub is the reason most people agree that P Money won the battle.

These are some more of the best grime tracks sending for MCs. Who did we miss? Comment and tell us.



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