Warm Brew New Music “Gravy”

Warm Brew New Music “Gravy”

Warm Brew have released a new track “Gravy.”

For Red Bull Sound Select’s ’20 Before 17′ series, Warm Brew have released a new track “Gravy” and its accompanying visuals.

The series is a celebration of “20 exclusive videos, tracks, lectures and more from Red Bull’s year in music.” Speaking with HNHH, the group discussed the idea behind the video, which features dance crew Flying Steps.

“Growing up, a veteran expression amongst the OG’s was “it’s all gravy” -an acceptance of less than ideal situations. Aligning to Westside Warm Brew staples, the video pays homage to the traditions of hip hop with b-boy culture and dancing techniques through the collaboration with Flying Steps. It was fun to use our imagination and creativity with the Flying Steps to create an original piece of work. Stepping outside of the box is something we’ve never been ashamed of. We wanted to showcase the values of what builds the essence of hip hop for us with others that can appreciate the same while understanding that if you talkin down on some young hustlers—it’s all gravy—we can settle it and prove otherwise.”

Take a look at Warm Brew’s “Gravy” below and let us know what you think!