The Best Of Hip Hop’s Funny Rappers

The Best Of Hip Hop’s Funny Rappers

The Best Of Hip Hop’s Funny Rappers

One thing hip hop has always kind of lacked has been humour. You rarely see successful comedy in music. Considering how seriously hip hop can take itself, it’s not surprising that there are few of them here. The best acts are those who are funny in addition to being dope artists. The worst are the ones who use ‘being funny’ to cover up trash music. Here are our picks for hip hop’s best funny rappers.

Run The Jewels

RTJ cover a lot of topics on their tracks. A lot of them will be pretty heavy but Killer Mike and El-P know when to make it hilarious. Two funny rappers for the price of one, they’ll drop some goofy lyrics or outright roast someone but it’s always funny. The humour isn’t just in the lyrics, their videos keep it up too. Whatever might be happening in the video is made a lot funnier when you’re watching it to a hard beat.


For an angry dude, Em’s got a sense of humour. As long as he’s been around his videos have been cracking people up. His humour is no small part of the praise he’s gotten for his lyrics. He can also stick the landing with his comedic timing in interviews and film. 8 Mile is had its moments but his turn in The Interview was one of the best parts of the film.

Ice Cube

Another guy who’s a lot funnier than he might seem, Cube showed his comedic skills early on with Friday. He plays a top notch pissed off Police Commander in the Jump Street franchise. Given his lyrical style of telling stories, he had it easier to construct jokes than other rappers. Even so, he’s used it better than most of the imitators and made it so that some of the earliest gangsta rap songs are some of the funniest.

Lil Dicky

It’s surprising enough that Lil Dicky has made an impact on the rap game given that he’s the whitest dude on the planet. It’s a testament to his skill that he’s managed to impress people like Snoop Dogg and Sway. Admittedly Snoop will shill anything but not when it comes to rap and lately everybody’s bumping him.

A lot of this list is rappers who are funny, Lil Dicky makes it as one of few genuinely funny rappers by bringing it to his tracks. The humour is part of the charm and it’s hard to imagine Dicky being where he is if he hadn’t come in of the back of being a funny dude.

Busta Rhymes

At a time when every rapper was trying to be the baddest around, Busta Rhymes was in the middle ripping on everything. He’s one of fe rappers who can make his tracks into something truly goofy and still have people respect the skill. It’s not a surprise that he’s a funny dude, more that he can be that funny without losing credibility.

Tyler The Creator

Whether you’re a Tyler fan on not you can agree he’s a weird dude. It’s part of the charm, an ADD kid running around trashing shit but still producing sick music. His humour is pretty controversial and got his Mountain Dew advertisements pulled off the air. You can still catch it in his music videos which are some of the weirdest, darkest and funniest around.

These are our picks for the top five of today’s funny rappers. Who makes your list? Comment and let us know.



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