The Guide To Setting Up A Successful Streetwear Br...

The Guide To Setting Up A Successful Streetwear Brands

The Guide To Setting Up A Successful Streetwear Brands

A lot of people dream about setting up streetwear brands but rarely do they succeed. The

Forget about free time

If you’re looking to half ass starting up a streetwear brand forget about doing it at all. Setting up any business takes a lot of work. Streetwear is one of those most competitive markets out there and cracking it will take your time. You should be happy to give up your time to it, if you’re planning to build up something like this it needs to be something you

Stay up on everything that’s happening

When you’re not working you should be working. Spend time looking at what other brands are doing and how they’re doing it. Look at what people are liking on social media. Pieces that people like but aren’t seeing often is a perfect opportunity for you to design something to fill a gap in the market.

Generally following trends will only get you so far but you should definitely take some inspiration from what’s going on in the culture.

Build a relationship with your customers

Unless you’re Bape or Supreme you can’t expect much loyalty from your customers. They’re only going to pay attention if you’re doing something dope and if you provide a good experience while they’re shopping. Good customer service is at the heart of this so don’t be late on orders or ignore emails. Nobody’s going to be happy about waiting four months for a t-shirt. Early on your brand is going to live and die on how you treat your customers. There’s no substitute for good feedback, people will pick out fake reviews or anything dodgy.

Find consistent sources for all your materials

Depending on what you’re doing with your brand you could be just ordering materials and making everything yourself. More likely you’ll be ordering basic t-shirts and other pieces and working your magic on them. Wherever you land on the spectrum, finding somewhere you can trust to consistently meet your orders and send you quality materials is paramount. Building a good relationship can help you get what you need from suppliers. If your supplier thinks you’re going to be a consistent customer you might get more out of your deal. The only way that’s going to happen is if they can expect your business to hang around a while.

Learn every aspect of the business

You may have great ideas for pieces but working hard to develop them won’t be enough. You need to understand all the steps that get the clothing made and out to your customers. If you have a few people working on the brand it can make it easier if you have someone covering each area of the business.

This is the most important part of making your business successful where others will fail. Most people starting brands get hyped up to make clothes and ignore the boring stuff. Stick it out and you make yourself a million times more likely to succeed.

Know about the money, the design, the materials, the manufacture, the marketing and anything else you,

Streetwear brands are hard to make successful but if you have the right mindset, you’re halfway there. Follow these steps and making your brand a reality will be much easier.



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