8 Of The Best European Street Art Festivals

The world is full of talented Street artists. There’s enough art to keep anyone busy for a lifetime. Thankfully there are street art festivals putting a lot of it in one place. Here are the best festivals in Europe to find street art.


street art festivals

Photo Credit – shabka.org

Istanbul is right on the border of Europe and Asia. The Mural-Ist festival reflects a lot about contemporary Turkey. With the height of political tensions that the country as long as the festival has been around, Istanbul’s graffiti shows a lot about the feelings of people living in the city. The hotbed of creativity is often channeled through its art and, here, its street art.

Urban Forms

street art festivals

Photo Credit – streetartnews.net

Not to be confused with the Austrian music festival of the same name, Urban Forms is Lodz, Poland’s own street art festival. Bringing in insanely talented local and international artists like Etam Cru has made urban forms one to watch. The work brings a variety of styles to the pieces created here.


street art festivals

Photo Credit – huffingtonpost.com

Norway’s surprisingly big Graffiti fest pulls in artists from all over the world. It’s a favourite among artists for the free reign and space artists are given. A lot of festivals are limited to certain areas to use as canvases. Nuart is a part of Stavanger, the city it’s held in. Huge buildings sport huge murals every year and you can find talks and art shows throughout the city.


street art festivals

Photo Credit – rsvlts.com

Bristol’s very own street art festival takes place on the edge of Europe but has drawn huge attention from artists. The festival has seen some of the most interesting work from any like it in Europe. Upfest is seeing some of the biggest turn outs for any Graffiti festival so it’s only going to get better.

Traffic Design

street art festivals

Photo Credit – graffuturism.com

Another festival from Poland, Traffic Design hasn’t quite reached the heights Urban Forms has but the festival being one feather in the cap of the Traffic Design Organisation. The Organisation works in street art, redesign and training of young artists. You can see this reflected in the festival. A platform for some of the best local artists peppered with great international names.

Grenoble Street Art Fest

street art festivals

Photo Credit -culturebox.francetvinfo.fr

Grenoble’s street art festival stylises itself on the rebellious ‘voice of the people’ idea of street art. Of course street art isn’t really like that anymore but it’s interesting to see a festival still flying that flag. It doesn’t interfere with the art though, it’s as contemporary as anything else and there are some stand out pieces each year.

MIAU Fanzara

street art festivals

Photo Credit – larteurbano.com

Roughly translating to the Unfinished Museum of Urban Art, it’s clear what this Spanish festival is about. Street art isn’t concrete and the festival acknowledges the constant change. It’s always changing and updating but always great.


street art festivals

Photo Credit – truluv.de

Given the creativity Germany has been pouring into grafitti it should be no surprise that even when it’s a small street art festival, they do it well. Moving between locations like abandoned dye works the festival makes its locations a part of the art. It ends up producing some of the most interesting work out there.