Who Are The Richest Hip Hop Artists?

It’s hard to imagine what hip hop would look like without the flexing. Everybody claims to have money but with artists like 50 Cent declaring bankruptcy, it’s hard to know what the truth is. All information is coming from Forbes, Celebritynetworths Between music and other ventures, here are the richest hip hop artists around.

Drake – $60 Million

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Drake’s popularity has seen him gather his fortune quicker than most. In only six years he’s catching up to names who’ve taken decades to get where they are. Endorsement deals with the likes of Nike and Apple are quickly adding to the already impressive figures from his music. His OVO Sound label hasn’t added much to his net worth but it could be what propels him into Jay Z/Dr Dre territory. Especially if he keeps beefing with everyone he can to get publicity to the label, it’s only going to grow.

Birdman – $110 Million

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Unlike others on the list, Birdman seems likely to following 50 Cent out of the top five. The in fighting in Cash Money Records was publicly known before Lil Wayne ever spoke out. Weezy has been one of the most successful artists on the label. His frustrations being heard has done a lot of damage to the label.

The toppling of Fiddy has bumped him up the list for now. How long that’ll stay the same for is anyone’s guess.

Jay Z – $610 Million

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You’d think the face of the Illuminati would be heading up this list but Jay clocks in at a still impressive $610 Million. However, taking into account both his fortune and Beyonce’s estimated $265 Million puts the couple ahead of anyone in the Industry. As with everyone else in the list, his wealth has come from endorsements, investments and management avenues rather than music alone. Roc Nation’s management of athletes like Kevin Durant has been instrumental in Jay Z’s wealth. As have his investments in companies like Tidal.

Tidal may prove to be a misstep. Public beefs caused by the service’s contracts getting in the way of collaborations between artists being a big reason. It’s doubtful that any of that fallout would hit Jay Z though. If it did happen though, the Empire is probably secure regardless.

Dr. Dre – $710 Million

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Dre seems to be able to move to the next stepping stone in his career at exactly the right time. He’s amassed his fortune without as many endorsements some of his peers have needed to make theirs. A huge chunk of his fortune does comes from the sale of Beats By Dr. Dre. Still, he managed to do in one sale what most hip hop artists need a lot of endorsements to attempt. Backed up by a reportedly huge real estate portfolio, he knows where to put his money.

Diddy – $750 Million

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Where 50 Cent burned through the $75 Mil he made from his Vitamin Water deal, Sean Combs added Aquahydrate to the list of companies he’s made money through. He’s as much an entrepreneur as a musician at this point but the Bad Boys label isn’t his most profitable venture. His deal with Ciroc netted him 50% of the vodka’s profits. His majority share of Revolt TV has him poised to bag a lot more.

These are the five richest hip hop artists around. Who do you think has the most potential to make the list? Let us know in the comments.