Vintage America by Axel Morin

Vintage America by Axel Morin

Axel Morin has released a series of vintage style photographs of America.

Following the success of his “Once upon a Time in America” project, French photographer Axel Morin has once again shared photographs from his trips to the states.

Speaking to Dazed Digital about the previous project, Morin said “I like to analyse the street, immerse myself in new environments, and understand these moods through my work,’ he explains. “To meet people, soak up the energy of the city and capture moments – to tell my own story through the photo series.”

He continues to do so in his latest set of photos, capturing citizens of Los Angeles, New York and Detroit, among other things while holding onto his 80’s nostalgic aesthetic.

Take a look at Axel Morin’s latest series below and find more of his work here.

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