Sebastian Zanella has released his latest photo series, which captures the Skaters of Pigalle.

French photographer Sebastian Zanella has released his latest photo series and they’re as mysterious and intriguing as you’d expect.

Marking the anniversary of the Paris attacks, Zanella captured skaters in the streets of Pigalle. Zanella went with skater Antoine Plainfossé to the area earlier this month and explained how mesmerized they were by the blue, white and red neon lights.

“It felt like a natural ode to our liberty in France,” Zanella told Highsnobiety. “We were skating very fast in the streets that night. Cops were everywhere because of the commemoration events, but they didn’t care about us.”

Take a look at the Skaters of Pigalle by Sebastian Zanella below and let us know what you think! Check out more of his work here.

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