The 7 Best Hip Hop Artists Who Can Rap Freestyle

The 7 Best Hip Hop Artists Who Can Rap Freestyle

The 7 Best Hip Hop Artists Who Can Rap Freestyle

Freestyle rap has historically been the bar to be met to consider yourself a rapper. That isn’t the case so much anymore as hip hop has grown into something not strictly related to your ability to go off the dome. Rap has changed but we still have some of the best freestylers working right now. Here are 7 artists who can rap freestyle with the best of the Golden Age.


A big part of Logic building up the fanbase he has has been through his lyrics. Not only has he proven himself as a prewritten lyricist but also in his freestyles. He might not be the first person that comes to mind for a lot of hip hop fans but he’s definitely earned the respect.

King Los

Los started out writing poetry and battle rapping. He came up through lyricism and is impressive for the quality of his lyrics as well as how quickly he can come up with them. He hasn’t had the mainstream success of fellow lyricists like Kendrick Lamar but he’s earned the same respect as a wordsmith.


Everyone’s familiar with Em’s freestyle abilities. He’s a top tier rapper for a reason. Unlike a lot of freestyle rappers who’ve been around as long as he has, Slim Shady’s skills haven’t been diluted over time. He’s as good now as he ever was and his older freestyles don’t sound dated.

Childish Gambino

Gambino started out writing for tv and between his music and tv career, he’s clearly a smart dude. His freestyles show how quickly he can bounce between topics, tempos and styles with ease.

Snoop Dogg

While some rappers out there can freestyle better than Snoop, few have made being able to rap freestyle as big a part of their career as he has. Many of his most famous verses came off the dome while in the studio. His laid back style gets him a bit more time to come up with lines than faster rappers.


Canibus is a pretty sad story. He came out with a lot of potential only to get a pretty negative response when his album dropped. Anyone else would have took it on the chin and tried again but he decided to burn his bridges in the hip hop world by blaming everyone else. He definitely earns a place for the quality of his lyrics and the freestyles he’s done but it’s sad to think what might have been.


Aside from having some of the most influential releases in hip hop, Nas has also pulled out some dope freestyles. His freestyle skills haven’t been as big of a part of his career as some other rappers. The timeline he put out tracks during his beef with Jay Z though, showcased how quickly he could come up with killer lyrics.

These are some of the best artists working today who can rap freestyle. Who did we miss? Let us know in the comments.



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