The Best Dancers You’ll See In Hip Hop Music Video...

The Best Dancers You’ll See In Hip Hop Music Videos

The Best Dancers You’ll See In Hip Hop Music Videos

Music videos are a huge platform for dancers. Every year, thousands of dancers feature in hip hop videos. The competition is huge but some stand out against the rest. Here’s our list for some of the best dancers you can catch in hip hop music videos.

Teyana Taylor

Primarily a recording artist, Taylor has been receiving huge attention in Kanye West’s Fade video.  Her performance made it one of the most viewed hip hop music videos this year. She’s signed to West’s label, GOOD Music, and has featured on their compilation album Cruel Summer. In addition to her music, she has had roles in films showcasing her dance skills like Stomp The Yard. With her busy schedule including designing shoes for Adidas, whether or not we’ll see her in more videos is hard to say. She’s certainly left an impact with Fade so it’s hard to imagine GOOD Music not capitalising on that.

Les Twins

French twins Laurent and Larry Bourgeois have featured together in videos for artists like Beyonce and Missy Elliot. Between tv spots, stage shows, videos and tours, the twins have been gathering huge attention since they started in the business eight years ago.


Tokyo born, England raised, Hokuto Konishi began dancing at fifteen. Hok caught the public eye in tv appearances on America’s Best Dance Crew and So You Think You Can Dance. Along with his Quest crew, he’s danced in and choreographed videos for a number of different artists. Quest crew have worked with acts like Snoop Dogg and LMFAO.


Will Adams got his start dancing for artists including T-Pain, Demi Lovato and Usher. He proved himself enough to become both a dancer and choreographer for artists. He set up immaBEAST in 2013 and it’s become one of the most sought after dance companies around. Not content just being a businessman, you’ll see him with the rest of the immaBEAST crew in their videos.

Aye Hasegawa

As a part of the Boxcuttuhz crew Aye Hasegawa has been involved in videos from Cali Swag District and David Guetta. She’s been seen in films and tv shows too, alone as well as with her crew on America’s Best Dance Crew.

Miss Prissy

The Queen of Krump started off in ballet but quickly moved into hip hop dance. She was featured in the film Rize, a documentary about Krump dancing. While most of her time has is  spent running a dance school, she’s popped up in videos like Major Lazer’s Sweat. Not only a dancer, she also choreographed the video. Her choreography work is more proliferant than her performance and deserves to be mentioned in its own right.

These are some of the best dancers you’ll see in hip hop music videos. Who did we miss? Tell us in the comments.



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