The Most Exciting Upcoming Urban TV Shows

The Most Exciting Upcoming Urban TV Shows

The Most Exciting Upcoming Urban TV Shows

There has been a lot of great tv out in the last few years and 2017 seems like it’s got more to come. Between new seasons and entirely new shows, there’s a lot to get excited for. Here’s our list of urban tv shows you’ll want to catch in the next year.

The Get Down: Season 2 – TBA

Had it not been for Stranger Things, The Get Down would probably be the Netflix show everyone is talking about. Following a group of young friends who eventually become pioneers of hip hop, the show got a lot of praise from critics and audiences. With Part One taking place in the 70s, Part Two is apparently going to take place in the 80s. Some of the plot threads in Part One have been pretty short term so presumably the story won’t be picking up far into the future without a pretty drastic overhaul.

Shots Fired – TBA

Shots Fired has the potential to be one of the most gripping shows about american culture today. The show is set around the shooting of a white teenager by a black police officer. The trailer seems to be setting up a show that won’t shy away from confronting the issues it’s talking about. Hopefully we’ll see more of that once the show airs.

Atlanta: Season 2 – TBA

Atlanta follows the attempts of a rapper and his cousin/manager trying to become successful. It could easily stick to the story of a rapper coming up and be a great show but show creator Donald Glover runs wild. The show touches on broad topics in African American culture. It does it with an insight and humor that stand up next to the drama of the show. After a hugely well received Season One, Atlanta was quickly renewed for Season Two. No release date yet but a late 2017 release for one of the best urban tv shows in years seems to be a safe bet.

The New Edition Story – Jan. 24th, 25th, 26th

Following on from the success of The Get Down, we’re looking at a slew of shows looking to repeat the magic. The New Edition Story follows the rise of New Edition from a group of child stars into adulthood. The trailer doesn’t look to be pulling any punches. Caleb McLaughlin of Stranger Things fame plays a young Ricky Bell. With the three parts of the series, it looks like each episode will jump forward to cover a period of time in the lives of the group.

Star – January 4th

Another show arguably coming of the back of The Get Down, Star follows three singers trying to become successful in Atlanta. Spearheaded by Lee Daniels, the show has a lot of potential. Guests like Lenny Kravitz and Naomi Campbell mean the show is one to watch.

Training Day – Mid Season

Training Day takes place fifteen years after the film of the same name. It follows a similar setup of pairing a new police officer with a hardened, older detective. While the film played its moral ambiguity close to the chest, the tv series has it’s rookie cop being sent in undercover to investigate his older partner. Whether that’ll be an improvement or not, we’ll see next year.

This is our list of the best upcoming urban tv shows. What did we miss? Let us know in the comments.



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