adidas Futurecraft Biosteel

adidas Futurecraft Biosteel

adidas has unveiled the adidas Futurecraft Biosteel.

In addition to their extensive Fall/Winter lineup, the Three Stripes has unveiled a brand new sneaker. Seen is the adidas Futurecraft Biosteel.

Unveiled at the Biofabricate Conference in New York, this pair features an upper completely constructed with a biodegradable fabric that replicates natural silk. The biosteel fiber was developed by German biotech company AMSilk and is 15% lighter than conventional synthetic fibers.

This sneaker is just a prototype so there are no plans for a release date just yet. Check out the adidas Futurecraft Biosteel below and let us know what you think!

adidas-futurecraft-biosteel-1 adidas-futurecraft-biosteel-2 adidas-futurecraft-biosteel-3 adidas-futurecraft-biosteel-4


  • Doris Chu

    LOOKS great. Need release date. Men’s and women’s sizes please.