Check Out Louis Dazy’s Neon Life

Check Out Louis Dazy’s Neon Life

Louis Dazy has released his Neon Life series.

Neon has been used throughout the years by a multitude of photographers, to capture city life, the night time and various other atmospheres. Louis Dazy is known for her use of neon and bright lights. Her latest set of photgraphs is another addition to his Life series.

Titled “Neon Life,” the pictures follow on from Louis’ “Still Life” project. The last one consisted of images of houses with a vintage aesthetic that provided a sense of nostalgia.

The latest neon soaked images  maintain the nostalgic sense, featuring portraits of people in a coffee shop in a city at night.

Check out the Neon Life series by Louis Dazy below and let us know what you think! Find more images from the artist online now.

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