Soulja Boy Threatens To Kill Rapper Rico Recklezz

Soulja Boy Threatens To Kill Rapper Rico Recklezz

Soulja Boy threatened rapper Rico Recklezz in a now deleted series of tweets.

Only last week, Soulja Boy was sued after threatening a man’s life, and it seems he hasn’t learned. The rapper went after Chicago rapper Rico Recklezz in a series of tweets which have since been deleted.

The feud apparently started when Rico targeted Soulja Boy in a freestyle. In the rap, Rico makes references to Soulja Boy’s recent feud with Lil Yachty, saying he was “talking tough on Twitter, but was scared to come to the lobby.”

After hearing this, Soulja took to Twitter, saying “I got 100k cash right now” and asking “who in Chicago wanna kill” Rico for him. He’s since deleted the tweets, but not before his target saw them. Rico responded to the threats himself, suggesting the pair “box 1 on 1 for $10k” to sort it out. Soulja Boy has yet to respond, except for a few cryptic tweets, one mentioning the fact he has one month of probation left.

Read the tweets from Soulja Boy and Rico Reckless below and let us know what you think!


souljarico1 souljarico2


Rico’s Response:




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