7 Of The Best Graffiti Wall Murals Of 2016

7 Of The Best Graffiti Wall Murals Of 2016

7 Of The Best Graffiti Wall Murals Of 2016

2016 has seen some great work come out of graffiti murals. Between commissioned pieces and festivals giving a platform to artists around the world, the creativity is amping up. It would be impossible to list them all but here are 7 of our favourite graffiti wall murals of this year.

Ethnicities – Eduardo Kobra

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This piece was made in anticipation of the Rio Olympics and depicts the faces of five indigenous people from cultures around the world. Kobra’s style of geometric shapes is at its best here, the layering of colour over the faces seeming like a mishmash of world flags. It’s one of the biggest graffiti wall murals in the world and in the hands of an artist like Kobra, speaks volumes.

UKIF Mural – Tobias Kroeger


Along with Didier Jaba Mathieu, Dirk Mertin, Golden Green and Base23; the Tobias Kroeger led mural takes the style of each artist and runs it through a consistent filter. Each of the five pieces in the mural showcase the best of their respective artists but gel together well. The colour palettes and the movement between each style accomplishes something very difficult by making five artist work like one.

Another Brick In The Wall – Sepeusz

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On the pulse of the election, Sepeusz’s mural attacks the ridiculous nature of the election. Clowns are easy to make creepy but Sepeusz makes this one look imposing. Not an attack on a candidate but an attack on a system which has become a joke. It’s an effective piece, drawing on presidential portraiture to make it clear who this clown is.

Wolves- Bezt


As one half of the Etam Cru, Bezt is no stranger to large scale murals. This piece is one of the best to come from either of the duo. The scale and incorporation of the environment into the piece makes it stand out. Half street art and half Ready Player One fan art, it’s a whole story in one image.

Owl – Alexis Diaz

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Alexis Diaz’s best work are his black and white depictions of animals. While they all look like a hipster’s dream tattoo, Diaz moves beyond the basic animals. The animals become a backdrop for the fever dream elements he throws in with them.

Warsaw East – Sebastian Velasco


Velasco pulls of real life through water colour for Warsaw East. His work goes against the grain of most graffiti wall murals with its non-stylised, realistic snapshot of life. Its one of his most accomplished pieces to date.

Moncton Castle Mural – Eelco Van Der Burg

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One of the best parts of Eelco’s piece is the backdrop. Against the old stone of Moncton Castle Manor the piece pops off the wall. The windows peppered through the piece, half of them boarded up, are the perfect example of graffiti working with its space to make it look better. Eelco’s work is as much Alice in Wonderland as it is Alex Grey. He’s following the popular theme of animal heavy work but makes it psychadelic enough that its clear who made it.

These are our picks for the best graffiti wall murals from the last year. Who did we miss? Comment and let us know.



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