The Reason Lupe Fiasco Wants Kid Cudi’s R...

The Reason Lupe Fiasco Wants Kid Cudi’s “Ass Beat”

Lupe Fiasco is the latest rapper against Kid Cudi.

By now, we’re all aware of the ongoing feud between Kid Cudi and Drake. Cudi mentioned Drake by name when complaining about rappers hiring ghost writers, then Drake put out a diss track with some harsh words about Kid Cudi. That track got a lot of negative backlash since Cudi’s currently in rehab due to depression and suicidal urges. Drake stood by his lyrics, Cudi’s manager got involved and most recently Cudi himself called Drake out on Twitter.

“You think it’s a game. I wanna see you say it to my face. I’ll be out soon, Promise.” Cudi wrote in a since deleted Tweet.

Now Lupe Fiasco has decided to get involved in the form of a Twitter rant. Among other things, Fiasco said Cudi is foul and needs his ass beat. Cudi’s fans responded quickly, accusing Fiasco of kicking him when he’s down, to which he defended himself. “Not once have I denigrated or talked down on mental health in any shape, way or form,” he wrote. “I actually supported Cudi when he was on edge yrs ago.”

Fiasco also claims that Cudi had accused him of being a thief and went on to ignore his attempts at discussing their problems.

During a show in Urbana on Friday, Fiasco again addressed his issues with Cudi. Read his tweets below and scroll down to see Lupe discuss the feud.



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