Tupac’s Bullet-Dented Pendant On Sale For $1...

Tupac’s Bullet-Dented Pendant On Sale For $125k

A pendant worn by Tupac when he was shot is on sale.

Earlier in the month, a large collection of Tupac memorabilia was up for sale. The latest item is a pendant he wore back in 1994 when he was shot five times at a Manhattan recording studio.

TMZ reports the pendant worn two years before his fatal shooting is being sold by Gary Zimet, owner of Moments In Time. Zimet claims the chain was around Shakur’s neck when he was shot. He also said a family member gave them the object to sell and they will receive a large share of the profits.

Additionally, the site reports that Pac’s estate is unhappy with the item being up for sale. “No one has the authority to sell any Tupac item.. Not even family members.” The estate will take legal action against anyone selling memorabilia and even those who purchase it.

Take a look at the Tupac pendant in the images obtained by TMZ below and let us know what you think.




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