Malta Tattoo Expo 2016

Malta Tattoo Expo 2016

This years Malta Tattoo Expo is taking place this weekend.

In it’s third year, the Malta Tattoo Expo, quickly solidified it’s status as one of the unmissable events of the year in Malta.

It attracts thousands of people from both the island and overseas, as well as various talented artists from all corners of the globe.

This year the show will take place between the 7th and 9th of October, in one of the most prestigious venues in Malta, the InterContinental Arena Conference Centre.

It features live music from the likes of Falcon’s Flying Circus and RiSE as well as shows, an art exhibition, wrestling, show cars and bikes and a live alternative photoshoot.

The convention is hosted by none other than one of the biggest alternative models in the industry, Červená Fox.

Find out more information and purchase tickets here.





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