Brain Dead Drops New Graphic Heavy Collection

Brain Dead Drops New Graphic Heavy Collection

Brain Dead has dropped their fifth collection of graphic heavy goods.

Formed back in 2014, Brain Dead has been making waves on the streetwear scene since it started. It’s easy to see why with their latest collection.

In keeping with their taste of insane graphics, the brand’s latest drop includes crewnecks, tees , caps, skateboards and bags, all decorated with some eye-catching and explicit prints.

Coming in shades of red, pink, blue, white and black, the collection would appear simple at first. However a closer look at the designs, including a decapitated head, will show you what differentiates this label from the rest.

The brand draws inspiration from “post punk, underground, comics, skateboarding and the spirit of subculture as a whole.” They’re definitely worth keeping an eye on.

Check out the collection below and let us know what you think! Head over to the label’s online store to pick up any item.

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braindead_allnitelong_whttee-01_large braindead_basicinstinct_whttee-01_large braindead_bathers_red_crew_large braindead_boltmesh_cap_grn_01_large braindead_bottomsup_khaki_lstee-01_large braindead_cyborg_ls_white2_large braindead_ghanahellraiser_tee_blk_01_large braindead_heartattack_white2_large braindead_jenshearhawaiian-01_large braindead_logoherringbone_nat_cap_01_large braindead_razorzhawaiian-01_large


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