3 Street art artists that are shaking the urban art culture

Compared to traditional ‘high art’, street art has a lot of room to innovate. Part of this is that it’s a relatively new medium, part of it is that there’s a lot less pressure to follow traditional rules of art. Here are some street art artists who are leading the charge.


street art artists

Photo Credit – tumblr.com

Nychos isn’t new to the scene, his group Rabbit Eye Movement have been around since 2005. He named the group in honour of the street artists or ‘Rabbits’ who are active in urban art. With this, it’s pretty clear he’s aware of the the culture in street art and is more than happy to create a banner for people to stand under. Since the Movement found an art space in 2012, they’ve been developing their styles experimenting with different mediums to great success. Nowhere is this more clear than in Nychos’s work. Some of his most notable pieces are dissections of animals and there’s an obvious development in his style since the movement started. Going from sharp dissections of the bodies of animals to transparent depictions of animals in movement. Not only notable for him movement demanding work from artists, his art is challenging them to create more too.


street art artists

Photo Credit – googleusercontent.com

Lake has been around for a long time but is relatively unknown outside of street art circles. Hardly surprising considering how much he shuns the spotlight. Despite being a heavily commissioned artist with almost three decades of experience, he’s still an enigma. This is part of what makes him so interesting. In a world of Banksy’s and Shepard Fairey’s, Lake has been solidly carving out a legacy without needing a clothing label to back it up. The German artist is also notable for the fact that his work pops up all over the world. Bringing the art to people has brought an audience to him. Lake experiments with style in his pieces but they are instantly recognisable with their abstract and angular depictions of human faces. His refusal to stick to a style is a challenge to other artists to overcome their limitations.

Bordalo II

street art artists

Photo Credit – art-spire.com

Calling himself the second Bordalo, the first being his grandfather, it’s clear that Artur Bordalo sees his work as part of an important legacy. He’s one of the most interesting artists with his willingness to experiment beyond paint and walls. His use of trash in his pieces highlights the wastefulness he sees in his native Lisbon. It also shows an artist who creates his own environment. Most street artists will work to their canvas, finding a piece that works in an area. Bordalo II sets out to prove with his pieces that you can make your own canvas. His lack of restraint puts him at the forefront in a medium whose main strength is how little it’s interested in being held back.


These are some of the street artists we think are the most innovative. Who would you put on the list? Comment and let us know.