Famous Dex Caught On Camera Hitting His Girlfrien...

Famous Dex Caught On Camera Hitting His Girlfriend

Famous Dex has been caught on camera beating up his girlfriend.

Today, Famous Dex should be celebrating the release of his new mixtape, Dexter the Robot. Following video footage of him beating his girlfriend, this rising rapper has a lot to answer to.

In the video, Dex is shown chasing the woman into a corner and hitting her repeatedly. Singer Tish Hyman was the one who released the footage on Instagram and also claims the incident occurred at her home.

Hyman described the incident in her Instagram post, and expressed disappointment that this generation would look up to him.

Apparently, Dex posted tweets about the incident but they have since been deleted. In the tweets he admits to fighting with the girl, and also says the fight was due to her cheating on him.


AkademiksTV managed to take a screenshot of the tweets before they were deleted.

Watch the video below and scroll down to read Dex’s tweets in relation to the incident. (Warning: This footage may be triggering).



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