Zayn Malik Is Releasing An Autobiography

Zayn Malik Is Releasing An Autobiography

Zayn Malik is releasing an autobiography,which will publish on November 1.

Although he’s only 23, Zayn Malik has already penned his “first autobiography.”. The book will differ from usual autobiographies, its described as an “intimate and raw scrapbook of his life.”

Titled Zayn, the book opens up with “a collection of thoughts, inspirations, personal stories, notes and drawings, and never-before-seen personal photographs.”

“I’m going to show you as much as I can so that you can judge me on my own terms, not on what the press or anyone else says,” he says.

Zayn achieved worldwide success when he joined One Direction back in 2010. However he departed from the group in 2015, wishing to live a normal life.


This didn’t stop the singer from pursuing a solo career, which has also been well received. Since leaving the group, Zayn has kept his personal life much more private than it had been. While he was in the group, he and his band members private lifes were regular tabloid fixtures. Zayn was vocal about the upset this caused him, and following his departure, and the groups hiatus, the gossip around each member seems to have died down.

Penguin Random House will serve as the books publishers, and say the book will focus on his entire life so far, including his childhood in Bradford.

Stay tuned for Zayn to release worldwide on November 1st.




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