4 Reasons not to follow urban fashion trends too closely

It can be easy to get caught up in the hype when it comes to fashion. Streetwear in particular has a history of being willing to push the boat out. This can be great but it’s not without its downsides. Even the biggest Yeezy fans would probably agree that nude body suits have a time and a place. Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t follow urban fashion trends too closely.

You can’t create your own look

follow urban fashion trends

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Playing into a trend can be an easy way to play it safe but it’s usually pretty clear when someone is doing this. It stands out, usually for the wrong reasons and points to you as someone who doesn’t really know what they’re about. Trends aren’t absolute bible. The main benefit of being on trend is mixing your own personal style with contemporary elements. If the only style is whatever trend you’re following, you’ll get lost in it.

Most parts of a trend get stale

follow urban fashion trends

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There are certain things that are versatile enough to stick around. Skinny jeans work with a lot of looks, bell bottoms not so much. If you like a style, cop what you want but there’s a million pairs of parachute pants sitting in closets that aren’t coming back into style. There are core elements of every style that keep working. Every trend has its pieces that go from new to retro to vintage and look good the whole way. If you follow a trend too closely you’re blowing bank on something with a short lifespan. You also end up with those pieces you wear to justify how much they cost.

You might not know what you are buying

follow urban fashion trends

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While every trend has its gatekeepers who insist you know the entire history of Supreme before you buy a t-shirt, that’s not the topic here. There’s a more valid concern you should be aware of. You see something you like so you pick it up. Everything is great until the first time you wash it. Suddenly a sweater you spent half your pay on looks like it was made for a baby. Sure, reading your washing instructions can solve this problem. It doesn’t help when you ruin the suede toe box on a pair of kicks a week into wearing them. Everyone starts somewhere but buying something for a trend is a good way to get dropped into the deep end.

Not everything will suit you

follow urban fashion trends

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The sad truth is some of us have heads that are just too big for snapbacks. Depending on a lot of factors and your confidence. Certain looks will carry better on different people. Knowing what works for you is fundamental and sometimes you have to step back from a look you love. There’s enough looks out there to find something that suits you. Avoiding trends that don’t work in favour of something else is half the battle when it comes to fashion. That doesn’t mean looking in from the outside at every new Yeezy release. Just make sure when you do pick something up you can incorporate it into looks that you wear well.


These are some reasons we think it’s important not to just follow trends. Do you agree or not? Comment and let us know.