Eelus Street Art London “Trip the Light Fant...

Eelus Street Art London “Trip the Light Fantastic”

Eelus has finished work on a new piece in London.

British artist Eelus has just completed work on a piece titled “Trip the Light Fantastic.” The piece is situated on the streets of Walthamstow, London as part of the Wood St Walls project.

The artist hasn’t decorated the streets of London in a while, so his latest piece is a welcome return. His latest piece features a black and grey stencil of a woman. Colourful strings make the piece more interesting, acting as puppet strings.

As with a lot of his work, this piece serves as a representation of us all. In an interview with spoke-art, the artist explained some of his pieces. What he said can easily be applied to “Trip the Light Fantastic.”

“In my paintings, the stark black and white female figures kind of represent us all, the average person living our lives caught up in the trials and tribulations of being alive on planet Earth in 2016. We get caught up in the dull and the meaningless on a daily basis without realizing; our experiences are monochromatic. When the reality is there’s so much colour out there, so many of us never realize. The coloured areas of my paintings are representative of the potential we all have, that life has”

Check out “Trip the Light Fantastic” below and let us know what you think!

trip_mural-1-4-768x513 trip_mural-1-768x513




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