5 Fashion Mistakes You Need To Avoid When It Comes To Urban Clothing

When it comes to fashion there’s nothing set in stone. A look that could seem ridiculous can be pulled off just through confidence. The Weeknd gets a pass for his hair because he’s confident and the rest of his look is on point. Not everything can be covered up by confidence though. Here are some looks no amount of confidence can pull off.

Mismatched Colors

Urban Fashion Mistakes

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While there’s a lot of room when it comes to balancing the colours in a look, it can be a dangerous game. A lot of urban looks tend to favour gray and neutral tones which makes life a bit easier. There are still some common mistakes, like your all black outfit that is really three very different shades of black. Colour wheels are fashion 101 and you need to know what works. Know the balance. It’s the difference between your green and reds looking good or looking like christmas decorations. The likes of Tyler, The Creator make people feel like they can get away with mismatching. His eclectic clothing lines could be mistaken for ignoring colour balance all together. This isn’t the case; people who wear these fits successfully pay closer attention than anyone when pushing the boundary of what works and what doesn’t.

Over coordination

Urban Fashion Mistakes

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If the colour wheel becomes a bit too intimidating it can be easy to try to avoid it altogether. Going for similar tones can seem like a smart move to play it safe but has its own pitfalls. Something like matching your shoes to your belt is small and tasteful. Add your jacket to that and outside of some neutral tones you’re venturing into work uniform territory. Coordination is the heart and soul of a lot of looks and shows that you pay attention. The difference between good coordination and looking like you’ve just learned the word is knowing when to pull back.

Ignoring the little details

Urban Fashion Mistakes

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The little details are where you’ll make your mark with a lot of looks. Especially urban or streetwear looks that often look their best toned down. You can have the best clothes in the  world and mess it up if you don’t pay attention. There are few things more subconsciously jarring than seeing someone with a tucked in dress shirt and no belt. Buying two pieces because they’re similar colours rather than the same does this too. Instead of the intended effect of making it look consistent, it highlights the differences.

Suits that don’t fit

Urban Fashion Mistakes

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For most of us suits aren’t an everyday look so it can be easy to fall into some easily avoidable traps. Unless you’re Idris Elba it can be a harder look to pull of than you might expect. And if you aren’t Idris Elba, getting a suit tailor made can be a bit pricey. You’re not out of options though, even if you’ve bought suit that doesn’t fit. Getting your ill fitting suit tailored to your measurement can make all the difference with the look.

Dressing out of season

Urban Fashion Mistakes

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Just because a look is good, doesn’t mean it’s always good. Aside from the obvious like not wearing sunglasses in winter, there’s a few things that might slip your notice. Short sleeves on shirts during the winter are just out of place. The thrown on look of canvas shoes and baggy t-shirts is great in the summer but even punks have seasonal wear. Seattle made flannel a cornerstone because of the weather. Make peace with some of your favourite pieces having to stay locked away for months at a time. It’s easier to have an excess of summer clothes than winter ones. You can’t wear a wool jumper to the beach but layering lighter clothes can get you through the summer months.


These are some of the biggest urban fashion mistakes we see. What ones do you see and what didn’t make our list?