Artist Lindsey Kustusch Creates Intriguing City St...

Artist Lindsey Kustusch Creates Intriguing City Street Paintings

American artist Lindsey Kustusch has created a series of city street paintings.

Lindsey Kustusch draws inspiration from her surroundings in her artwork. Her most prominent work comes in the form of city street paintings.

With her work, Kustusch captures a temporary moment and turns it into a captivating painting. “Much like a memory or a distant thought, the ‘feeling’ is strong but the edges have softened and blurred, and the details have become abstracted shapes and forms.” she said of her work to SouthWestArt.

Also inspiring is the wildlife that seamlessly coexists in the city, and the overwhelming presence of growth and change,” Kustusch also said. “My goal as an artist is to capture moments in time in pictorial form, and the city is an ever-changing entity with no two days the same.”

Her latest work sees various US streets from her point of view. Take a look at the city street paintings below and let us know what you think! Be sure to visit Kustusch’s website for more of her artwork.

Captivating-City-Streets-Paintings-1-900x684 Captivating-City-Streets-Paintings-2-900x601 Captivating-City-Streets-Paintings-3-900x893 Captivating-City-Streets-Paintings-4-900x709 Captivating-City-Streets-Paintings-5-900x1379 Captivating-City-Streets-Paintings-6-900x897 Captivating-City-Streets-Paintings-8-900x631




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