Realistic Cityscape Paintings Of New York City

Realistic Cityscape Paintings Of New York City

An artist has created a series of captivating cityscapes of New York.

Italian designer Valerio D’Ospina draws inspiration from his surroundings. Although he has lived in big cities all his life, D’ospina seems to have a soft spot for New York.

The artist has created a series of stunning paintings of the concrete jungle. D’Ospina cites urban landscapes and travelling as his biggest sources of inspiration.

“As an artist and a constant observer, it is inevitable that the places and things that surround me also inspire me. With the urban scenes and other industrial imagery in particular, it fascinates me to stand in front of such immense buildings and structures.” he says. “It’s humbling yet empowering and a large part of what stirs inside of me while I work.”

Check out Valerio D’Ospina’s NYC cityscapes below and let us know what you think! Be sure to head over to his website for more.

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