Street Artist Tribute To Syrian Boy In London

Street Artist Tribute To Syrian Boy In London

A London street artist has recreated the heartbreaking photo of Omran Daqneesh.

We’ve all seen the harrowing image of Omran Daqneesh after he was pulled from rubble in Syria. Now a street artist, Pegasus, has painted the image in order to raise awareness.



When the image first came to light, it exploded all over social media. Daqneesh was wounded in Aleppo, Syria, with his image helping to show the consequences of war.

The piece shows Daqneesh sitting on play blocks spelling out “END WAR.”


Pegasus spoke about his painting to Mashable.

When I first saw the images and footage of Omran it broke my heart and I felt compelled to help bring awareness to the devastating consequences of war,” he said.

“I decided to use the image of Omran to address the fact that the innocent and vulnerable are usually the most likely victims of war.”

“Once I have spoken with each and have made my decision, I intend [to release] the image as a limited edition print with all proceeds going to the chosen organization,” he said.




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