Skateboarding Brand Element FW16 Collection

Skateboarding Brand Element FW16 Collection

Element introduces their Fall/Winter 16 collection.

California label Element have unveiled their F/W 16 collection. In keeping with previous collections, we see military, workwear and athletic outdoor pieces.

The latest collection ties together the brand’s biggest influences, including skateboarding, outdoors, art, subcultures and music.

With the collection, the brand aims to motivate people to discover and learn new things.

#ELEMENTKEEPDISCOVERING which stands for an inclusive and positive global movement motivating individuals to discover, find and learn new things in life through the avenues of skateboarding, art, music, contemporary subcultures and the outdoors.” says the brand’s website.

Take a look at some pieces from the F/W 16 collection below and let us know what you think!

element-keep-discovering-fw16-01 element-keep-discovering-fw16-02 element-keep-discovering-fw16-03 element-keep-discovering-fw16-04 element-keep-discovering-fw16-05 element-keep-discovering-fw16-07 element-keep-discovering-fw16-08 element-keep-discovering-fw16-09 element-keep-discovering-fw16-10 element-keep-discovering-fw16-11 element-keep-discovering-fw16-12 element-keep-discovering-fw16-13 element-keep-discovering-fw16-14




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